3S:FX Productions is the creative and media drive that produces video, designs graphics and titles, podcasts, and commercials. It’s the very backbone of the Indoob! network and is looking to help you with your next project or podcast!

_MG_0329t. sterling watson loves collaborating with others to make great productions, and is always interested in expanding and staying innovated, making use of what resources he has available to him to help others promote themselves or their businesses.

What’s in a Name?
So what does “3S:FX ” mean? Other than sounding like an awesome name for a production company, the original name was Sterling Silver Studios when Sterling first ventured into graphic designs in high school. From that time and through college, the name has gone through different variations and logos to match.

Besides finding a catchy name for his company, he had been learning how to build and design websites, either at school or at home with whatever software he could get his hands on. He built several websites for himself, but his first professional site (and client) was for his church, Grace & Mercy Baptist Church. While attending college, studying TV production, Sterling made his first short film, A Quiet Etiquette and also introduced 3S:FX Productions for the first time. A few years later, he attended Connecticut School of Broadcasting to further advance his training and experience in both video and audio production. After graduating, he was a founding member and host of  All Noise Radio‘s most downloaded podcast, The Lost Dial.

He currently produces and hosts his own show called the indoob! podcast. He enjoys staying connected and welcomes interaction through his Twitter account, @indoob.

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